Why DXRacer?

World Famous Brand + Fully Technical Support
  • Competitiveness

    DXRacer has been founded for more than a decade and quickly spread the global market in a short time. Our product lines are now in more than 40 countries around the world. We also establish many designated warehouses in more than ten countries. DXRacer use both online and offline O2O operation modes. The global layout is now mainly completed.

  • Product diversification

    DXRacer global headquarter locates in the manufacturing-developed Michigan, the United States. We combine the design and development together here. DXRacer has a high mechanical research and development strength. Product design elements also follow the fashion trend. It is widely praised by the global market for its visualization and diversity.

  • Abundant Resources and Networks

    DXRacer has profoundly co-operated with a lot of world famous E-sports teams such as NAVI, NIP, SKT, OpTic, Jteam, EDG, TYLOO, etc., and we also make exclusively customized chairs for many popular games like “Call of Duty,” “Quake,” etc. The launch of these new chairs has made fans enthusiasm extremely high.

  • Strong Brand Competitiveness

    DXRacer is the pioneer of gaming chair, who opened up a whole new category of gaming supplies. DXRacer is also known as the world’s best brand of gaming chair and always capture the headlines of many major search engines. We have been imitated but never been transcended.

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